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Sunday, October 6th 2013

11:48 AM

The First Chakra in the Human Body

The Root Chakra is the first of the main seven chakras in the body. Each of these energy centres has its own colour vibrationand the Root Chakra is red; a colour that holds many evidences of powerful explosion such as instinct, love, life, blood, and sex.

Seated at the base of your spine. The Base chakra also known as Muladhara; translated as meaning root place, expressing this energy centre as the base point of all the other Chakras. In other views, the Base Chakra is the home of your Kundalini; a docile energy in the body that is stimulated when aroused.

The First Chakra spins in a spiral motionin the spine and moves down towards the earth. It is pictorially represented by a a yellow square in the middle of 4 crimson lotus petals is a perfect representation of this chakra center. The 4 petals are the symbolic color for the Chakra and the yellow depicts the earth. The key to the First Chakra in balance allows you to actively enjoy happy in your on skin. This allows you to enjoy life and feel contented. It also promotes a healthier stronger body allowing one the ability to be filled with vitality and having a great zest for life.

In general then, the chakraBase Chakra helps you feel good about yourself. I found this website to be a brilliant resource if you want more info chakra center

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